A colorful mix of new talents and seasoned artists – “Tour De Traum 17” comes out


“Tour De Traum 17” reflects the development in music with more talents to surface who write music left and right of the dance floor and combines it with some artist who are in the club circuit heavily playing. Robin Schellenberg mastermind behind Berlins “Klunkerkranich” situated on a 1000 square meter park deck, is back with a passionate piece of music. He teams up with Vruno to present to us a electro acoustic powered piece of slow grinding techno that accumulates a whole DJ set in 7 minutes without loosing any intensity.

trndmsk: How is the concept of “Tour de Traum” structured?

Riley Reinhold: The concept of Tour De Traum is easy to explain. I have started to do compilations in 1984. The idea is to feature new exciting electronic music without any lobby or outside force pushing me. It is great way to release music and it shows Downbeat electronica, melodic techno, ambient, obscure electronics. I love to give my view of the world of electronic music. Sure there are restrictions..but i love restrictions and i feel comfortable working with them.

So “Tour De Traum” is a follow up to my successful series „Interkontinental” I did on Traum where i had discovered artsist such as: Jesse Somfay, Peter Schulman, Mikkel Metal, Nathan Fake, Lars Wicking, Florian Meindl, Kenny Leven. For some it was a way to discover new music they had never heard of. I tuned into the radio station on BBC and Radio Hilversund (netherlands) and recorded new exciting music and made my own compilations in the 80ies. I worked with a double tape deck and boiled down about 6 Tapes into one, so i did this for years and got me a way to select music that i fit could work together well. I also did a jazz- BEBOB compilation beginning of the 90ies on tape which got stolen and circulated heavily in the Cologne punk scene. I heard about that 15 years later.

How many demos do you get for compilation every time? How many are always sent to you?

I select the music alone. I select music over a period of 6 month and it sometimes amounts to 300 demos.

How did you choose the artists and their tracks this time?

The selection of the music relies very much just on the music. After some months of compiling i make sure we are not using too many trax which are doing the same ., have the same effect on the listener- So there is a biorhythm in which i then finish the release to give it a very colorful spectrum. I try to stick to some rules in the process but also destroys them from time ti time in oder to stay creative.

In times of streaming: How hard is it nowadays to be successful with a label?

The fact is streaming cannot to be ignored. The records are just for some lovers and do not transport the huge amount of good trax anymore. So we have to go with it. Iam running the label for 20 years so that makes it easier for me to build up connections. I don`t want to think about having to start now with a label. To tell you the truth Iam much more like a freak , i love people like Conny Plank and crazy people. I’m not too much na efficiency guy having surveys and statistic run my label. I drink cheap coffee in my office in Cologne and try to build up connections.

How much passion do you have to bring to run a small label today?

Passion is everything. There is no secret if you don`t like what your are doing it will go stale. I think the people out there see we are are a gang of true believers and we work with our fans and try to do the best we can to discover new talents. I love what i do.

What other releases are you planning? And which producers can we look forward to?

After the release, I have finished the next 2 releases and one of them is something a bit special because after a break of 18 Years o will release another album of Philippe Cam on Traum in a double clear vinyl + clea package, celebrating 20 years of TRAUM. See what our american distributer FORCED EXPOSIRE write about his first Album Balance:

“Philipe Cam is a star in his own field. He is among the few people that have succeeded to write hypnotic dance music without a conventional beat still conveying a thrilling, dramatic feel. Cam has developed an accurate, intense and complex formula of modulation-techno. Starting with music similar to Pan Sonic in 1996, his music turned towards a more elegant form of minimal music. He worked as a DJ in Brussels beginning of the 90s. Then chose to become a sailor and cruised the oceans. Mid of the 90ies he started to study electronic music in Brussels and began to write music for theatre, ballet and French movies. Abstract soundtracks lead to an organic form of music, which was equally influenced by modern techno as Wolfgang Voigt’s Studio 1/Gas or Basic Channel/Maurizio. His demo received by the Cologne based label Traum in 1999 led to a series of three fantastic 12″s. Since then journalists have made links also to Manuel Göttsching’s classical masterpiece E2-E4 referring to his low evolving modular wave scapes and strong repetitiveness. Cam’s latest compilation CD Balance on Traum is a fine selection of tracks previously released as Traum 12″ s. This CD contains tracks in full length, plus a video of ‘Mixte’ by Cologne artist Yvette Klein, who thickly textured the music with a minimal aesthetic. Cam’s music corresponds heavily to the Cologne scene, where his music is appreciated and played throughout the clubs by the likes of Michael Mayer, Tobias Thomas and various other DJs as well as experimental djs from the A-musik corner.”

We also have another Ron flatter coming out,m with a track he will play at the Fusion festival next week a real smoker! On our label TRAPEZ we have a release coming out by a heavyweight and we don’t mean a hype guy who djs records at in clubs but a real die hard composer! His project name: Stone Leaf aka Pietro Luca Congaed. who is quiet heavyweight because he has already record with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Alvin Curran, Toshio Hosokawa, Sylvano Bussotti, Michel Jarrel, Martha Argerich and Arturo Tamayo. He builds his own instruments and acoustic sound generators and his music is a blast.
It moves from TRAPEZ music to TRAUM music. We will release it in August.