„Everything is moving in circles“ – Dabey releases a new EP series


Born in the ‘80s raised in the ‘90s Dabey was heavily influenced by this decade’s HipHop sound and Techno music as well. He is a trained drummer and also autodidactically learned to play piano and guitar. Sampling, field recording, live instruments and all kinds of analog and digital synthesis form the base on which his improvisation can unfold. Over time, classical genre classifications became less and less important for him and with his releases Dabey has proven over and over again that he can do without pigeonholes. The work on the new release took more than a year. With „Circles“ he delivers a colorful mixture of jazzy beats, spacy synths and his very special way of processing samples. As a listener you always move between relaxing triviality and captivating complexity. The new project will be released from June 14th, 2019 on and will be published in 3 parts. Each EP consists of 4 tracks which transport a closed mood and finally they merge to a big unit. A perfect summer soundtrack.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EPs?

Dabey: At one point in my life I realised that everything is moving in circles. You often return to a place where you mentaly have already been, but made a hough journey on that way. You can run that way or you can move slow to perceive the small steps. The tracks are made to be by your side while you sense your own and other peoples movement. Music for calm times.


Where did you record the tracks? And how?

The Track „Slow“ was recorded mainly in Klinke auf Cinch‘s new Studio in Jena. We meet there and created that wonderful, lush vibe. The track „Yearning“ was partly recorded in Libertrees Studio in Berlin. All other tracks where recorded in my own studio. I often start with a sample or an improvised harmony on the keys. Than I decorate some drums and evolve the flow while adding accoustic guitar, synths or field recordings.

On which record label will you release the EPs? How did you get in contact with the record label?

I’ve always been independent and will always be. For me there is no need for a label, cause I do everything on my own. I just got awesome support from my PR-Agency „GoldenTicket“ and this guys just do many things right.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

The series will end up in october and after that I definetly focus on the next full album. The frame is set already and you can await in in the second half of 2020. Meanwhile I made some Ambient and Deep House remixes to be released this year. I love switching between genres.

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