Joris Biemans releases his ep „A Long Road“ on Alex Niggemann’s AEON


AEON, the ever evolving imprint from Alex Niggemann, continues to push musical boundaries with its second release of 2019 from the Belgium-born, Berlin-based Joris Biesmans.

„Nie Te Doen“ has an element of inquisitivity to it. A bumpy Indie Dance number with a broken beat. It builds steadily as the energy within it rises. Biemans explains that the track was born ​“after playing some open air festivals in the summertime. For me this track has a very specific and positive energy”. The aptly named lead track ​„A Long Road“ with its upbeat bounce, melodic synths and mesmerising breakdown, first came to be fourteen years ago. ​“Mushroom Cloud“ ​takes the EP down a darker path. It’s grittier than the preceding tracks. Building with fire into a forceful beat, it charges ahead. Of the track Joris says ​“it’s a bit less happy. Throughout the track you have the feeling you that you have walked through a dark place”​. The EP closes with ​“Piramides“. I​ t’s dreamy with an air of euphoria, ambient with a glimmer of hope – the calm after the storm. ​“The name ‘Piramides’ is derived from the fact that the core idea is built around pyramid shaped arpeggios.”