Slow, smooth and dark- Moonlight Matters’ “Until The Next Time”


“I wanted to make something sexy, smooth and slow, with a dark side”, explains music producer Moonlight Matters. The result is “Until The Next Time”, due to be released via Sony Music in Belgium on September 8th, 2017.
The artist adds: “The track should also have a real message.” In regards to the music, the work is a hint to the past surrounded by a futuristic vibe and progressive elements: “Trying to stay faithful to my signature sound while raising the bar and delivering something of emotional value. I wanted it to be a real story in every element of the track.” The dark yet dynamic vibes in “Until The Next Time” are his tribute to the 1980s. The analogue sequences and the singing choir perfectly round up the track.

Grown and matured

The whole instrumental process took place in Sebastian Vandevoorde’s studio: “I was using all my old favorite analog beats. I wanted it to feel real and imperfect like an 80’s home recording.” Over time, the track grew and matured. “Once I was at a point where I was fine with the fact that it would never be perfect, I sent it to my manager and asked him to think about a suitable vocal with me”, says the Belgian producer. His manager suggested Sharleen Spiteri, member of Scottish music band Texas. “Four days later I received her vocals and was blown away. Sharleen recorded the vocals on her end and did an amazing job!”