First MUZO session by Luca Musto unfolds a new universe


“My french agency MUZO asked me whether I wanted to compile their first session”, says Luca Musto. “And I was hooked instantly.” In his previous two mixtapes he had tried to close a circle: “I wanted to unfold a new universe with this mix.” The young music producer usually takes a while to finish his sets: “I guess at least half a year. It was a very special process with this set.” Since his first solo EP, due to be released via Feines Tier on November 4th, 2016, is still in the making, Luca decided to include a few of his own tracks and edits.

The message is essential

Musto set great value upon the intro: “I wanted this session to send a special message. The message is essential for my work.” The producer has a hard time naming a favorite track included in the mix: “I couldn’t really tell. All the tracks have some kind of value to me – both in the mixtapes and when DJing.” Besides the first EP coming up this year, there will be a new track by the duo Musto & Rietze, which Musto is forming with German producer Florian Rietze. “Also, I will be included in the first compilation by MUZO.”