trndmsk Podcast #32 – Alfred Heinrichs

Podcast #32 - Alfred Heinrichs

Label owner, music producer, DJ and live act Alfred Heinrichs is an old-timer in the world of music. He started DJing in the 1990s when Techno began to spread a revolutionary spirit of optimism. He is fascinated by a wide sound range adding deep-laid rhythms to his sets. Just before the end of the year the founder of Berlin-based record label Supdub Records released his new album titled “Lichtenberg”. To celebrate that, he produced trndmusik podcast #32– a live mix.

trndmsk: Alfred, you’ve compiled a live set for us. What can we expect from the next 60 minutes?

Alfred Heinrichs: You’re about to get a 60-minute insight into “Lichtenberg” representing my favorite productions in 2014. I re-remixed some of the tracks to make them more suitable for the live set and dance floor. You can only hear them here.

All tracks were released on December 24th, 2014. How’s the feedback?

The album peaked at #7 in Beatport charts and is still on there somewhere. Our next tour gig is sold out. I’m very happy about all that. I play some tracks off “Lichtenberg” every now and then and the reactions are great. I love to see people partying and feeling the same as me. But the album has only just come out, we can’t answer that before summer.

Where did you record the set?

I produced the live act in my studio and recorded it there.

What inspires you?

The album includes many emotional melodies, more emotional than ever before. Producing music is my way to deal with far-reaching life events. My son will always be my love and inspiration. Everything I’ve been doing over the last two years is dedicated to him.

What’s your favorite place in Berlin to retreat and produce music?

My favorite place is my studio right next to the Supdub Records Office.
That’s where I start my walk to Landschaftspark Herzberge (Lichtenberg) when I need a creative break. A beautiful place to take a deep breath.

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